5 cosmetic trend predictions for 2019 by Dr. Pavlou

5 Cosmetic Trends By Dr. Pavlou

We live in a selfie-obsessed culture. You cannot eat anything, wear anything, travel anywhere or have a celebration without documenting it with a perfect snap for the world to see, like and comment on. This has in part contributed to a dramatic rise in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, non-invasive cosmetic procedures have increased by 200% since 2000, and continue to rise.

What I find interesting is that with the social acceptance of cosmetic procedures and the desire to look filtered rather than altered, cosmetic procedures are actually leaning more to being understated and natural. Maybe we were onto something at Skin Technique when we coined the phrase “Honour Your Beauty”. Rather than trying to achieve an unrealistic goal with excessive treatments, patients are seeing the benefit of making small, gradual improvements for an overall beautiful outcome that is realistic and sustainable.

Based on what I’ve seen in my own practice, and my observations when I travel abroad attending conferences and seminars, I make the following 5 predictions for 2019:


1) Prevention, prevention, prevention.

In a fairly short time we have seen cosmetic treatments being talked about openly and honestly by celebrities and influencers alike – out of the shadows and into a perfectly acceptable daily conversation. Younger patients are seeking treatments earlier in order to maintain the youthfulness of their skin rather than waiting until there is a problem that requires more drastic measures to correct. I predict that these maintenance-type treatments will become more popular, as they make perfect sense. Why not get “baby botox” to prevent a wrinkle instead of larger doses to correct it?


2) Guys Galore.

The number of male patients seeking cosmetic treatments has increased dramatically in the past few years. Treatments are becoming more inclusive, with men not wanting to miss out on the benefits. In my own practice I see consistent growth in the number of men seeking treatments. I think the decline in social stigma attached to cosmetic treatments has increased the male comfort level overall. What men also like are the almost immediate recovery times and return to normal activities after minimally invasive procedures. There is a resurgence of classically masculine features like strong chins and jawlines. With a short procedure many men are able to achieve their aesthetic goals without any downtime. Non-surgical hair restoration with PRP has also been a game changer in the male aesthetic market. I predict that more men will be doing this procedure than ever before as it is far less daunting or expensive than a hair transplant, with absolutely no downtime.


3) The “Tweak-ment”.

It is my belief that a well done cosmetic procedure should not be obvious. I think the era of overly filled lips and hyperinflated cheeks is (hopefully) over. I predict 2019 will be the year of the “tweak-ment” – patients will request to look like gently filtered or photoshopped versions of THEMSELVES, and not a model from a magazine. My MystLift™ procedure has become one the most requested procedures at Skin Technique for this very reason. Rather than looking “done” or “altered”, patients leave looking like a rested and rejuvenated version of themselves. Another area that is going to gain significant popularity for tweak-ments is the nose. The Non-Surgical Nose Job is our number one googled treatment. A little bump on the nose, flat or deviated nasal bridge or droopy nasal tip can now be corrected without the need for surgery. Results are remarkable, patients go back to everyday life immediately and no one is none the wiser. The tweak-ment is here to stay and I couldn’t be more delighted.


4) Better Bodies.

Body contouring is going to soar in 2019. We have already been wowed by the results from coolsculpting over the past few years but now we will be able to customize body treatments by not only targeting fat cells with coolsculpting but also toning muscle with some exciting new technologies coming our way. Imagine doing the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups in one half hour session? In 2019 we are not only going to help you contour your body, we are also going to help you tone your muscles and tighten your skin for a more comprehensive and customized body treatment plan. As someone who is into health and fitness I am particularly excited about the possibility of toning muscles that are time consuming and difficult to target in the gym.


5) Drive-thru Injectables.

The only prediction I have to make that I’m not excited about is the increased accessibility to injectable procedures. These days you can get your lips done at the same place you get your hair blow-dried and by someone who may have done a botox course the weekend before. According to media reports you will also soon be able to buy your milk, toothpaste, prescriptions and botox all under one roof. I understand that an increased demand calls for more supply, but we are talking about a medical procedure. Just because someone “can” perform an injectable legally, doesn’t mean they should. And just because it can technically be offered in a room at a nail or hair salon doesn’t mean that it’s a safe clinical environment that adheres to Health Canada safety standards. I predict that in 2019 you will be able to get injectables at all sorts of places, but that patients (consumers) will realize that their health and safety as well as the quality of their treatment is better guaranteed in a doctors’ office.

Let’s see how accurate these trend predictions for 2019 will prove to be. Whether I’m right or wrong, it is my joy to share this journey with you and I predict that we will get more interactive, educational and entertaining with the way we share our journey at Skin Technique. My goal has always been to provide you with knowledge and information about cosmetic treatments and skin care in an informative and relatable way that hopefully sometimes leaves a smile on your face. Here’s to 2019 🙂


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