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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Procedure Time
5-10 minutes

Micro droplet injection

Topical numbing cream and ice

Recovery Time

Pain Level
none to mild

3-5 months

within 3-7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections have to look like “work” done?

No. Having your treatment performed by a qualified physician with extensive experience is the best way to achieve your desired results.

Does Getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections hurt?

At Skin Technique, Dr. Pavlou will often use a proprietary medical grade numbing cream or something called a VIBBRATA device, which reduces discomfort by vibrating pulses to the area being injected. Rest assured our patients comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we will make sure you are comfortable during your procedure.

How long does it take to get Anti-Wrinkle Injections at your Vancouver clinic?

The treatment involves multiple phases. The one that takes place in our clinic is perhaps one of the shortest. Once the consultation has been completed, and the treatment area has been chosen, the actual injection can sometimes only takes a few minutes. For comprehensive treatment plans, more than one injection session may be necessary.

How long does it take for the results to appear?

All of these questions will be answered during your consultation and will be tailored to your specific treatment area and desired results.

Can too much exercise affect the results?

Avoid stress to the skin around areas that have been recently treated, but in most cases, you won’t endanger your results by choosing to exercise.

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