In years gone by patients really only had one way of contacting a doctor’s office – the telephone. Now we receive emails, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, comments on…

Skin Changing Skin Care

  One of the biggest myths when it comes to skin care is that the most expensive creams in the shiniest jars will deliver the best results. There are moisturizers…

Why Skin Technique?

  The experience of growing into the role of an Aesthetic Physician has been extremely rewarding and professionally satisfying to me. I could never have predicted that after 8 years…
Top medical aesthetic treatments Dr Pavlou

“It” treatments for 2018

  2017 was a pivotal year for medical aesthetics as awareness of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures skyrocketed. Treatments that were once hush hush chatter amongst the wealthy elite are…
Facial Fillers Vancouver

The Magical Liquid Lift

We live in a world where a client comes in for a treatment on Tuesday and expects to take a stunning selfie by Friday night. This does not leave much…
Fillers and Botox Vancouver

Fill ‘er up

  A question I get asked on a daily basis is “what filler do I need for here, and there, and here..?” Thanks to good marketing by different aesthetic companies…
Skin Technique