Skin Tightening & Body Contouring in Vancouver, BC

Skin tightening helps to repair skin that has lost its elasticity over time due to aging, childbirth or weight-loss. Body sculpting is used to eliminate stubborn fat or bulges.

EndyMed™ is a solution to all of these problems. EndyMed™ is a new and effective treatment for non-surgical skin tightening and body contouring that consists of the delivery of heat deep into the skin in order to stimulate new collagen growth. The heat penetration achieved by EndyMed’s proprietary 3DEEP RF™ technology reaches into these deep dermis and sub-dermal layers to provide effective collagen tightening and remodeling.


Body Contouring Vancouver


Body Contouring Vancouver

Individual results may vary.

Corrective Treatments

The treatments below can be used in isolation or in combination to get ideal results.

Endymed Vancouver

EndyMed Radio Frequency

3DEEP™ can be employed for multiple medical and aesthetic applications, including micro-ablation, non-ablative skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne scar treatment, cellulite treatment and body contouring.


Procedure Time : 15-60 minutes
Recovery Time : none
Pain Level : none to mild
Anesthesia : Topical numbing cream
Permanence : 6-12 months
Results : 1-4 weeks