Procedure Time
Typically 15-30 minutes however varies depending on treatment area.

The laser energy delivers heat to the treatment area.

No anesthesia is necessary.

Discomfort Level

Recovery Time

Within 1 week


ClearV™ Before & After Photos

How Long Does ClearV™ Last

After undergoing the recommended amount of treatments, the effects of ClearV™ will last indefinitely.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from ClearV™?

After receiving a ClearV™ treatment, patients can return to their regular activities almost immediately, without downtime. ClearV™ can even be performed on your lunch break!

What Is ClearV™?

ClearV™ is a powerful laser therapy that effectively treats vascular concerns, such as spider veins, Port-wine stains and reticular veins. This laser utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver precise, targeted heat to unwanted vessels underneath the skin. This gentle but powerful treatment works by heating these vessels, causing them to implode and become less visible.

Are You a Candidate for ClearV™?

Any skin type can benefit from a ClearV™ treatment.

Benefits of ClearV™

ClearV™ can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Facial telangiectasias (small, widened blood vessels on the skin)
  • Leg veins
  • Periorbital veins (small blue or visible purple veins that appear on the face)
  • Reticular veins (small, blue, or green dilated veins that appear 1 mm to 3 mm in diameter)
  • Port-wine stains
  • Spider veins
  • Rosacea
  • Warts
  • Skin tags

What Are the Risks for ClearV™
There are currently no risks linked to a ClearV™ treatment.

How to Prepare for a ClearV™ Treatment

There is little preparation needed on your end. Simply arrive at your appointment with clean skin, and try your best to stay out of the direct sun for the week leading up to your treatment. You may be asked to shave the area depending on the treatment location.

What to Expect Post ClearV™ Treatment

After treatment, you may experience a slight sunburn sensation. This will fade after 48 hours and leave behind subtle bruising or visible veins for one week before becoming less noticeable each day as it lightens up.

ClearV™ Recovery & Timeline

As the treated area will be prone to sunburns and pigmentation change, we ask that you avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 7 days. Keep the area covered with sunblock and reapply throughout the day. It is also best if you do not work out for 3-4 days post-procedure to ensure the treated vessels stay closed.

Until sensitivity has wholly subsided, AVOID all of the following:

  • Applying make-up over the treated areas
  • Use of scented lotions or soaps, exfoliant creams (Retin-A, glycolic/salicylic and alpha-hydroxy acids), acne creams or gels, loofah sponges and aggressive scrubbing
  • Excessively hot water
  • Shaving
  • Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/chlorine and severe temperature changes
  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration
  • Hot tubs and hot showers for 48-72 hours

How does Dr. Christopher Pavlou perform ClearV™?

The laser energy gently heats the unwanted veins, vessels and visible vascular structures, so they become less noticeable and, in some cases, eliminate them completely. The procedure requires no anesthesia and typically takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

Why Choose Skin Technique for ClearV™?

At Skin Technique, we specialize in ClearV™ laser treatment, a cutting-edge solution that can deliver lasting results with minimal side effects. What sets our approach apart is the combination of powerful lasers and the advanced expertise that we offer. Our team of dermatologists has years of experience using this kind of technology to treat a wide range of skin issues. We understand how to use the latest lasers to get optimal results in the safest way possible.

Used to Treat

    • Facial telangiectasias (small, widened blood vessels on the skin)
    • Leg veins
    • Periorbital veins (small blue or purple visible veins that appear on the face)
    • Reticular veins (small, blue or green dilated veins that appear 1 mm to 3 mm in diameter)
    • Port wine stains
    • Spider veins
    • Rosacea
    • Warts
    • Skin tags

ClearV™ FAQs

What areas can be treated?

Any areas with unwanted veins can be treated; however, the most popular sites are the legs and face.

How does ClearV™ Vein Illumination work?

The ClearV™ handpiece allows the physician to visualize sub-surface veins in the patient, ultimately making the treatment more effective.

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