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What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis, commonly known as excess sweating, can be an embarrassing problem to have. While sweating is usually associated with heat or exercise, people with hyperhidrosis often sweat uncontrollably.

There are two main types of excess sweating.

Primary hyperhidrosis is when faulty nerves signal your sweat glands to overproduce sweat. There’s no underlying medical reason, and the condition often runs in families. Usually, the areas most affected are the palms, armpits, soles of your feet, and face.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is more concerning, with the condition making you sweat all over your body, and it results from either a reaction to medication (including antidepressants) or a health condition like diabetes, menopause, thyroid problems and more.

Whatever the cause, excess sweating causes a lot of anxiety for those afflicted. They may sweat through their clothes or have sweaty palms that make shaking hands a nerve-wracking experience. However, at Skin Technique’s Vancouver Clinic, we have the solutions you need.

Excess Sweating Solutions At Skin Technique


miraDry® is the latest non-surgical technique used to treat excess sweating. Here’s how it works. We use thermal energy to eliminate the sweat, odor, and hair glands that are giving you so much grief. The results are immediate; once those sweat glands are gone, they’re gone for good. This painless, FDA-approved treatment provides instantaneous results and can reduce sweat production by over 80%.

miraDry® has become one of the most popular ways to deal with excess sweating due to how quickly it works and the fact that it can eliminate the problem foever. The whole procedure only lasts about 45 minutes, with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime needed for your recovery. Most importantly, the process is 100% safe, and you’ll see the results immediately and in only one treatment.


Botox injections can also be a highly effective treatment for sweat reduction. It works by interrupting the nerve signal that causes your sweat glands to produce sweat. The injections are made directly into the areas that bother you most. While the effect is temporary, it can still significantly reduce sweat production for many months, and the result is instant.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Benefits

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be more than a physical condition; it often carries a significant emotional and social burden. Many individuals find themselves grappling with heightened anxiety in social settings, particularly when faced with visible sweat patches on clothing or the prospect of a handshake with damp palms. While seemingly minor, these situations can profoundly impact self-confidence and social interactions.

At Skin Technique, we understand the challenges posed by hyperhidrosis and offer advanced solutions to address this condition. Our treatment approach leverages the latest medical technology and expertise, aiming to significantly reduce excessive sweating in commonly affected areas like the underarms, back, and palms.

Our goal is not just to alleviate the physical symptoms of hyperhidrosis but also to restore your confidence and liberate you from the social anxiety often associated with this condition. With our tailored hyperhidrosis treatments, you can look forward to engaging in your daily activities and social engagements with renewed confidence and comfort, making excessive sweating a concern of the past.

Treatable Areas

Our treatments work for any area that’s prone to excess sweating. Whether it’s your face, armpits, underarms, back, chest, or palms, our techniques can make your excessive sweating issue a thing of the past.

Other Treatments for Excessive Sweating

While our treatments provide lasting results, if you’re prone to excess sweating, a medical examination can help diagnose the cause of the problem. There are other methods to alleviate the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, such as prescription antiperspirants, creams and wipes, and nerve-blocking medications. Sometimes, antidepressants may also help with excess sweating while also decreasing anxiety.

Hyperhidrosis FAQ

How do you prevent excess sweating?

While some people are predisposed to the condition, you can do some things to help prevent excess sweating. If the condition is caused by an underlying health issue such as diabetes, lifestyle changes can work wonders. Antiperspirants like simple underarm deodorant can also be highly effective. You should also consider the type of clothing you wear, as some materials will make you more prone to excessive sweating. Try to wear breathable, light fabrics like cotton and linens. Also don’t wear clothing that’s too tight. Give your skin and body some room to breathe.

Can Hyperhidrosis Be Cured Permanently?

While excess sweating may seem like a problem you’re stuck with, some treatments can significantly reduce it and even cure it completely. MiraDry® is one non-invasive technique that can fix the problem permanently in just one treatment and make excess sweating a thing of the past. Simply put, if excess sweating is causing you a lot of anxiety, there’s no reason to suffer. There are solutions out there that can permanently make this issue disappear.

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