In years gone by patients really only had one way of contacting a doctor’s office – the telephone. Now we receive emails, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, comments on pictures on our social media platforms as well as phone calls (and text messages for people who mysteriously get my personal number).


One of the most common questions we get, before a hello, good afternoon or hi there, is How Much? This is regardless of the photo or procedure posted. It comes before questions about safety, longevity or discomfort levels. It preceeds questions about the clinicians experience and training.


There is a problem with only being concerned about “how much?” I have come to the realization that for a lot of people looking for a cosmetic treatment the question of “how much” will guide them in their choice of who to go to. It confuses me as a logical thinker why walking around in a $1000 pair of shoes with red soles or drinking a $25 dollar cocktail is an every day acceptable occurrence yet when it comes to facial procedures there is a tendency to go bargain hunting.


The sad truth is that cosmetic procedures are now widely available from various providers. It can be offered by someone with very limited training or from established cosmetic-related businesses that consider it an “add on” service and drop their prices significantly to attract clientele. It is not necessary to pay unreasonably high prices for a cosmetic procedure, but if someone is offering a treatment that is significantly cheaper than industry standard it is important to ask yourself a few very important questions before booking an appointment:


Who is the injector and how experienced are they?

Do they belong to any regulatory bodies?

Are they performing Medical Aesthetics full time/very regularly?

Are they only available at a location once or twice a month?

Will they be providing the appropriate follow up care?

Are they using Health Canada approved products and following the appropriate protocols?

Are they demonstrating dedication to their skill by staying up to date with the latest techniques and guidelines?

Are their procedures performed in a clinical environment with the appropriate sterilization equipment?

Are you being provided with the proper after-care instructions?

Will continuity of care be provided or are you going to see a different clinician each time?


Here are at least 10 examples of more important questions to ask than “how much?”


Naturally once the more important questions have been answered with satisfaction is it absolutely reasonable to get price estimates from different establishments to help you decide where to go.


I think before asking how much a procedure costs it is important to ask yourself how much it would mean to you that the procedure you choose to receive goes very well. That is the real value of a cosmetic procedure – having the peace of mind that your most visible physical asset is being honoured with care and respect.


Try to wait for those $1000 red-soled shoes to go on sale, but never seek suspiciously discounted cosmetic treatments for the sake of saving some money. I have seen multiple complications from reckless injectors and know of far too many suspended “clinicians” that have caused very unfortunate damage to unsuspecting consumers who didn’t realize that cheaper doesn’t always mean better.


At Skin Technique we strive to Honour Your Beauty by making your experience comfortable, enjoyable and safe. You are in the hands of a well-trained group that is led by a medical doctor with your best health interests at heart. How much does it mean to us that you choose us?


A lot.



Skin Technique