Facial balancing

Procedure Time
Approximately 30 – 45 minutes

Topical anesthesia

Droplet injection or cannula

Recovery Time

Discomfort Level
None to mild

Months to years depending on product used


What Is Facial Balancing?

Non-surgical facial balancing is a targeted approach to enhancing your facial aesthetics by adjusting the proportions and symmetry between key features, specifically the nose and chin. This technique involves minimally invasive treatments that refine these areas to create a more harmonious and proportionate facial profile. Our specialists use advanced methods to subtly reshape and enhance, aiming for a natural and balanced appearance that brings out the best in your features.

How Does Facial Balancing Work?

Profile balancing is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to improve facial symmetry and proportion by strategically modifying the nose and chin. By combining these two procedures, profile balancing creates a more balanced and harmonious facial profile, resulting in a more appealing and refined appearance. The approach is tailored to each patient’s natural features, ensuring personalized enhancements. This procedure is an excellent way to achieve a more youthful and refined look without invasive surgery.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job, utilizing cutting-edge dermal fillers, offers a transformative approach to nose reshaping without the downtime of traditional surgery. This technique, often called “liquid rhinoplasty,” is adept at correcting asymmetries, smoothing bumps, and refining the nose’s overall shape to enhance facial harmony. It’s ideal for addressing concerns like a crooked nose, a prominent bump, or a drooping tip with minimal intervention.

Dr. Christopher Pavlou’s expertise in this advanced method allows for precise, targeted enhancements, providing a natural-looking lift, slimming, and nose refinement. This bespoke treatment is tailored to each individual’s unique facial structure, ensuring results that complement and enhance your natural features without incisions or a lengthy recovery period.

Chin Enhancement

The chin enhancement procedure mirrors the non-surgical approach taken with the nose, using dermal fillers to sculpt and define the chin area. This method is perfect for adding volume, enhancing the chin’s shape, or creating a more defined jawline that balances with your other facial features. The versatility of dermal fillers means that whether you’re seeking a subtle enhancement or a more noticeable change, this treatment can be customized to meet your aesthetic goals.

A dermal-filler chin enhancement is more than just adding volume; it’s about reshaping the chin to achieve your face’s ideal contour and proportion. The procedure is quick, involves minimal discomfort, and requires no downtime, making it an increasingly popular choice for those looking to refine their profile with immediate results.

Profile Balancing Before & After Photos

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Learn More With Your Profile Balancing Consultation

Facial balancing is a highly personalized treatment, as achieving optimal proportions involves unique injection patterns tailored to each individual’s specific features. Our talented team is passionate about helping our patients look and feel their best. At your consultation, we will discuss areas of concern to ensure you are happy with your results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

 Why Choose Skin Technique for Profile Balancing?

At Skin Technique, we understand that every patient is unique and deserves a personalized treatment plan. Whether you’re coming in for a consultation or a follow-up appointment, we take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. We believe an open dialogue is essential to providing the highest level of care.

Facial Balancing FAQ


How long does facial balancing last?

Facial balancing results can vary widely, typically lasting from months to years. This range largely depends on the type of dermal fillers or products used in the treatment. Some fillers are designed to be more temporary, while others, formulated for deeper injections or specific areas, may offer longer-lasting effects. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the best options for your goals and lifestyle, giving you a clearer expectation of how long you can enjoy the benefits of your treatment.

How much does facial balancing typically cost?

The cost of facial balancing is influenced by several factors, including the type and volume of fillers used and the complexity of the individual’s needs. Prices can range significantly, so discussing your budget and expectations during the consultation is essential. We aim to provide transparent pricing and flexible options for various needs and preferences.

What are the pros and cons of facial balancing?

Facial balancing offers a versatile solution to enhance facial symmetry and aesthetics with a tailored approach. Understanding these key aspects can help you make an informed decision about pursuing this treatment.


  • Non-Invasive: Compared to surgical alternatives, facial balancing involves minimal downtime, allowing for a quicker return to daily activities.
  • Customizable: Treatments are highly personalized, designed to meet individual aesthetic goals and enhance natural features.
  • Immediate Results: Improvements are often visible immediately after treatment, with final results appearing as swelling subsides.


  • Maintenance Required: To maintain optimal results, periodic touch-ups are necessary as the effects of fillers gradually diminish over time.
  • Potential Side Effects: Like all cosmetic treatments, there’s a risk of side effects such as swelling, bruising, or asymmetry, though these are temporary.





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