Say farewell to that double chin


Stubborn fat under the chin, also called a double chin, has always been difficult to treat and patients have traditionally resorted to surgical procedures to address this area of the face.

Not anymore.

Now we have a minimally invasive injectable treatment designed to eliminate submental fullness (double chin) with little to no downtime.

This treatment uses a medical fat dissolving substance to dissolve unwanted fat.

When isolated and administered to stubborn fat that creates a double chin, even in slim individuals, it helps the body metabolize and filter away this fat. This treatment can smooth away the submental fat and create a more contoured jaw and neckline in the process.




For optimal results this treatment is administered in a series of session spaced about a month apart. Several quick injections are administered with tiny syringes, and typically takes 30 minutes or less. Some swelling, bruising or tenderness can occur at the injection site. This is normal and short-lived. Patients can return to normal activity after the procedure.

During the series of treatments one can expect a gradual reduction of the double chin, revealing a slimmer neckline that is in balance with the rest of the face.

Results are likely to be permanent.

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