Skin Technique’s Dr. Nadarajah Featured on Globe & Mail

Dr. Sangeetha Nadarajah, a physician at our very own Skin Technique Clinic, was recently featured in the Globe & Mail. She shares interesting insights on the new and evolving landscape of social media and how it can influence the desire for specific cosmetic procedures. 

As a millennial physician, Dr. Nadarajah shares her unique advantage when it comes to her familiarity with TikTok and Instagram trends. Given her own interest in social media, she can quickly recognize an Instagram or TikTok trend that may have inspired a patient’s self-diagnosis.  

“These days, social media is flooded with health ”hacks,” opinions and experiences from people around the world, both well-respected experts and ordinary people alike. As a result, I often encounter patients who have “self-triaged” or self-diagnosed a potential health issue using information they saw online before setting foot in my office. – Dr. Nadarajah, Globe & Mail 

To learn more about how Dr. Nadarajah balances the benefit of social influence combined with medical expertise, read the full Globe & Mail article here. 

Dr. Nadarajah Globe & Mail

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