Thank You

2018 was one of the best years and one of the worst years of my life.

Opening a business solo is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for insomnia, acid reflux and weight gain. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, to watch an idea come to life and to create something from nothing gives you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. And one of my few resolutions for 2019 is to stop and smell the roses by taking it all in, and exhaling from time to time.


What I learnt from being a new business owner in 2018 is that to be happy you have to stop living in the past and you have to stop observing others. Once I realized that it was as if the whole world took on a new brilliance. I think its natural when starting something new to want to be better than your competitors. But what I’ve (fortunately) quickly realized is that we don’t really have competitors when we are focused on being better versions of ourselves. When you are your own competitor is when you start to grow as a human being. The funny thing is, when I started to mute all the outside noise and distractions and focus on making Skin Technique the best that Skin Technique could be is when our business started to thrive. I wish my colleagues in the industry well. We all possess our own unique qualities and strengths that appeal to a specific kind of person seeking a cosmetic treatment. That was my main take away from 2018.


As for 2019, I think she’s going to be a good one.


The aesthetic industry is growing at an immensely rapid rate. Whether it is due to social acceptance, social media, strong campaigns or increasing consumer curiosity, basically everyone has an interest in or an opinion of cosmetic procedures. When cosmetic procedures were discussed at the water fountain just a few short years ago, it was ridiculing people with “frozen faces” or “duck lips.” Now, especially with a lot of physicians showcasing their work on social media, people are starting to realize that cosmetic procedures can be done in a subtle way to enhance their appearance in a positive, natural way, rather than altering it in a stereotypically “fake” way.


I think 2019 will prove that patients are also becoming more informed when it comes to choosing their providers. For example, instead of searching for the best botox Vancouver people will be searching for the best botox doctors in Vancouver instead. There is a huge difference between getting treated by someone who does an injectable treatment every now and then (perhaps in-between root canals) and someone who dedicates each hour of their working day to being an expert at their craft. With many excellent aesthetic physicians now having a strong presence on social media platforms and demonstrating their results on their websites, YouTube accounts etc, you as the patient now have the opportunity to make an informed decision on who you allow to touch your face. I think this will ultimately confirm what we as medical professionals have been preaching all along – cheaper is not always better or safer.


What also really excites me about 2019 is that patient awareness on treatment efficacy is on the rise. Rather than just getting a “peel” or a “IPL” or a “fractional”, patients will now be asking what kind of device is being used. What kind of peels are being applied, what technology is behind the specific treatment. Because the truth is that not all treatments are created equally. Some are proven to be better than others, and because of that some are more expensive than others. The choice is still yours to make, but now you can make it with knowledge and reasoning rather than blind faith.


My personal wish for 2019 is that while we hopefully all continue to grow and thrive in our chosen careers, that we also remember to be kind and generous. This doesn’t necessarily mean financially, but in the way we interact with each other and those in need. Sometimes someone just needs a kind word, or a compliment. Sometimes those who work hard to help us be successful need to be validated for their efforts. If you can donate your time or some money to a cause that touches your heart, do it. We live in a time that is fast-paced, sometimes ruthless and judgemental. It would be beautiful to see kindness and generosity coming back in style.


I look forward to sharing my journey in 2019 with you, and am ever grateful to those of you who have taken the time to make the Skin Technique family a small part of your world.


Skin Technique