The experience of growing into the role of an Aesthetic Physician has been extremely rewarding and professionally satisfying to me. I could never have predicted that after 8 years of medical training in some of the busiest hospitals in South Africa that I would be focussing on Cosmetic Medicine.


I have been most blessed to have a rapidly growing injectable practice. There is definitely a need for procedures that naturally enhance beauty, not distort it. I spend a lot of my time reassuring patients that are venturing into aesthetic procedures that they will not look unnatural or overdone, but that the goal will be focussed on helping them achieve the best versions of themselves.


I decided to open Skin Technique because there is so much more to Aesthetic Medicine than botox and fillers. Yes, both are very handy tools in beautifying patients and addressing aging concerns, but there are so many other complimentary and effective treatments that can help combat a multitude of concerns.


From the moment I created the concept of Skin Technique it was always my intention to offer cutting edge treatments that are highly regarded in the aesthetics industry. There are so many medi-spas and pop up salons that offer beauty treatments at discounted prices that the consumer no longer knows the difference between a medical grade treatment and an unregulated one.


So, why Skin Technique?


At Skin Technique the care you will receive is physician driven and directed. You will have access to a physician consult, care and follow-up care every day. The treatments on offer have been chosen by a physician and are of the highest quality. The skin care products are only medical grade and you will be guided to choose the right product for your concerns by a medical doctor and his experienced team of clinicians. Your laser treatments are the newest on the market with innovations that will be reflected in the results you will achieve. Even the facials we offer will be medical grade, meaning that the focus should be on measurable results that improve the health of your skin.


At Skin Technique we strive to make your experience feel calming and elegant, yet clinical and professional. Located in the heart of Yaletown, at Skin Technique we strive to make your experience luxurious and comfortable, but we are always aware that our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself.


Honour Your Beauty.



Skin Technique