As is customary, I like to predict what I think is going to be trending in the new year in the aesthetics world. I predicted that chins and jawlines would be the rage in 2020, and even though it turned out that Covid-19 would dominate every aspect of 2020, I still wasn’t wrong about chins and jawlines! In fact, given the incredible results that can now be achieved with robust fillers like Volux, Radiesse and Revanesse Shape, I predict that chins and jawlines are not going anywhere any time soon.


Hot treatments in 2021:

BBL Hero


In 2021 I predict that cutting edge laser treatments, like BBL Hero, are going to become faster, more comfortable and deliver better results than we have ever seen. Traditional IPL treatments have been notoriously uncomfortable and time consuming. But with Sciton’s latest breakthrough technology it is now possible to treat sun damage, age spots and redness on the ENTIRE body within minutes with minimal to no discomfort. It also just so happens that we are the first clinic in Canada to offer BBL Hero!



Body Shaping


It’s no longer about being skinny. It’s about being healthy, fit, strong and comfortable in your own skin. With the latest devices on the market, like Emsculpt, it is now possible to target stubborn areas while still embracing curvier ones. By focusing high intensity energy on specific areas of the body like the abdomen or buttocks we are able to sculpt the body into the shape you desire, rather than the shape that society has traditionally dictated to us as being acceptable. Our new body shaping protocols combine skin tightening with muscle toning and fat reduction for a complete contouring program that is fully customized to your specific goals and lifestyle.



The year of Radio Frequency


You will be hearing a lot more about microneedling treatments being combined with radio frequency (RF) in 2021. The market is being flooded with different devices that offer this modality, but the principle is usually the same – the texture-improving benefits of microneedling are combined with the skin tightening benefits of RF that is safe for most skin types. Our INTENSIF device at Skin Technique has been the original gold standard in microneedling + RF technology and it remains our go-to treatment for collagen stimulation in patients of all skin types. It works particularly well for acne scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles and early skin laxity.


A new era in skin care.


After trying Alastin products 3 years ago at a conference in Las Vegas and studying the science behind the brand I was desperate to offer it at my new clinic, Skin Technique. At the time there was no Canadian distributor. For the past 3 years in a row Alastin has been the fastest physician dispensed skin care line in the US! And it is finally in Canada and we are so thrilled to be offering this cutting-edge peptide-based skin care technology. From the Regenerating Skin Nectar that shortens downtime after procedures like Halo and mIcroneedling to the TransFORM Body Treatment that accelerates the breakdown of fat by the body, these products are going to revolutionize our approach to skin care!


With a rough, unpredictable and emotionally challenging 2020 now officially behind us we are looking forward to a new year with better treatments, better results and innovative products to help us feel and look our best.



Skin Technique