4 Treatments to Get While it’s Still Winter


With Spring just a few short months away there are a few treatments to consider taking advantage of during the last stretch of winter. It’s the ideal time to correct and repair while having the ability to hibernate and avoid the sun.

1. ClearV

Before wearing pretty summer skirts and sleeveless florals, consider getting rid of any bothersome blue veins on any part of your body or face. They can be particularly distracting on the lower legs and around the eyes. This treatment also works well for red capillaries you’d like to minimize them.



2. HALO Fractional Resurfacing 

This is a treatment that can have about 5-7 days of downtime. Skin looks red and can sometimes get a little crusty. The results, however, are phenomenal! Halo addresses multiple textural skin concerns ranging from acne scarring to pigmentation. Winter is the most convenient time to hide out for a few days without the risk of exposing your newly resurfaced skin to sun rays. Considering that the maximum collagen benefits of this treatment are enjoyed around 3 months after, what are you waiting for?!



3. Forever Young BBL

This versatile light-based device addresses everything from acne and unwanted hair to age spots, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. It’s very important not to be tanned before the treatment or being exposed to sun without protection after the treatment, making winter the best season to get your series of Forever Young BBL treatments to be glowing by Spring!



4. Ultherapy

This is the ideal treatment to lift sagging skin of the brow, lower face, jawline and neck. In fact, it’s the only FDA device approved for a nonsurgical lift. Although, Ultherapy is perfectly safe to get year-round and is not impacted at all by sun exposure, patients often forget that maximum results only become visible 3-6 months after your treatment. Getting your Ultherapy treatment in winter will ensure you’re looking your best come Summer!



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