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IPL Photofacials are a popular treatment for those struggling with various skin concerns, including acne, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. This extremely effective, non-invasive treatment addresses a myriad of skin conditions and rejuvenates your appearance for stunning results.

What Is an IPL Photofacial?

An IPL photofacial (also known as an intense pulsed light photofacial) involves a handheld device being passed over the skin’s surface to deliver pulses of light into the skin. These pulses of light rejuvenate your skin’s surface and promote collagen production.

IPL photofacials like Forever Clear BBL work by heating the top layers of the skin to help restore its natural, youthful glow.

Do IPL Photofacials Work?

IPL photofacials are an effective option for non-invasive skin rejuvenation that requires little to no downtime. When combined with Forever Clear BBL, this treatment is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance appointments. A handheld device is used to heat the top layers of the skin, minimizing imperfections and promoting collagen production. IPL photofacials are extremely successful in treating blood vessels, scarring, rosacea, sunspots, and acne.

Best Uses

IPL photofacials aim to rejuvenate specific areas and concerns centralized on the face and neck. This Skin Technique treatment method is effective for treating various skin problems that have to do with acne, aging, and discolouration. You will greatly benefit from an IPL photofacial if you struggle with the following skin issues.

  • Acne & Enlarged Pores. The heat from intense pulsed light administered during your IPL photofacial treatment rejuvenates the top layers of the dermis, reducing the look of acne and enlarged pores as the skin heals itself and gets rid of any impurities.
  • Signs of Aging. Buffing the skin to rid itself of fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles is a big advantage of getting an IPL photofacial. Since the treatment promotes collagen production, you will see wrinkles reduce in severity and skin laxity increase.
  • Hyperpigmentation. If you struggle with redness, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation, a treatment that refreshes the top layers of the skin, like an IPL photofacial, is perfect for you.
  • Scarring, Veins, & Stretch Marks. IPL photofacials are great for giving you an even complexion, correcting any tone and texture concerns with its effective heat energy directly targeting areas of discolouration on the skin.

Situations Where It Won’t Work

You should not get an IPL photofacial if you have recently tanned or been in the sun for prolonged periods, are taking acne medication, and if you have severe skin conditions or signs of active infection. For those with moderate to severe wrinkles, sagging, and discolouration, consider one of Skin Technique’s other treatments that are effective for even the most stubborn of skin concerns.

IPL Photofacial FAQs

How long do IPL Photofacial results last?

Your IPL photofacial results will last for 6 months to 1 year. Attending maintenance treatments every 6-12 months can help prolong your results.

What should I not do before an IPL Photofacial treatment?

Before your IPL photofacial treatment, you should avoid prolonged sun exposure for 4-6 weeks, do not use any retinol products for one week, and avoid exfoliants on the treatment area for one week. You will go through your medical history and skin sensitivities during your Skin Technique consultation so you are clear on instructions you should follow before and after your treatment to optimize results.

Can you wear makeup after an IPL Photofacial treatment?

You should wait one day before applying makeup to your face or the treatment area following your IPL photofacial session. Try to keep your skin as clean as possible by using mild soap and warm water on your face twice a day, patting it dry.


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