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Top 5 Gifts To Make Her/Him Think You’re A Hero


Lets face it (excuse the pun).


Finding the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and creative is hard to do. We want to give our loved ones something they want, but also maintain our sanity while doing so and preferably avoid spending hours looking for parking at overcrowded malls. The perfect gift is something personal, but practical; something desirable yet useful. Most of us would agree – gifts that make us feel special but also have the potential to make us look better are at the top of everyone’s Xmas list.


We have simplified your Holiday shopping into a list for him and her that will not only alleviate you of your shopping stress this season, but also make you a hero in the eyes of the one you love.

For Her:

1. Hydrafacial

There is not a single person who does not love the feeling of freshly cleansed, dewy, hydrated skin. The Hydrafacial at Skin Technique is famous for “giving you the best skin of your life”. Give her the gift of one Hydrafacial, or give the gift of Hydrafacials for a whole year! This pampering treatment can fit most gift-giving budgets and will be welcomed with a huge smile on Christmas morning.



2. Skin Care

You may not notice, but every morning and evening includes a skin care ritual for her. She enjoys nourishing her skin with products that will brighten and firm her skin. At Skin Technique we carry the most sought-after range of medical grade skin care products. Not sure which ones to get her? Come in for a chat with one of our clinicians to help you choose the best skin care treats for the one you love. Still not sure? Get her a gift card so that she can come in and spend all the time she needs to select her own favourite products.

3. Aquagold

A treatment exists that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t alter your appearance, but leaves your skin looking porcelain like and smoother than smooth. Our Aquagold treatment at Skin Technique has become a cult favourite. Combining anti-wrinkle ingredients, vitamins and peptides, this treatment would be the one to give to show how original and thoughtful you can be!


4. Emsculpt

If she is into fitness and wants to improve her core strength, improve abdominal definition, achieve a buttock lift or tone her arms, Emsculpt would impress her beyond words. This treatment has taken the world by storm as it equates to 20,000 muscular contractions per single session. You could give her 4 treatment sessions, which is the recommended number of treatments for optimal results. Best of all – they can all be done within a 2-week period. Come and try a complimentary demonstration for yourself – you may just want to get this treatment yourself! As an added bonus we can treat couples SIMULTANEOUSLY. Just a thought 🙂


5. Miradry

4 out of 10 women report excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. This can ruin clothing and confidence at the same time. While it may not be the most romantic gift, Miradry at Skin Technique offers a PERMANENT solution to excessive underarm sweat and the odour associated with it. You may be providing her with a permanent solution to something that bothers her each and every day – it doesn’t get more heroic than that.



For Him:

1. Coolsculpting

In multiple surveys the top 3 cosmetic treatments that are of interest to men include non-surgical body contouring. Most men report a desire to see a reduction in fat around the belly and “love handles.” Coolsculpting is the world’s most well-known non-surgical body contouring treatment, famous for freezing away fat. It works, its safe and it would make the perfect Holiday gift for him. We have various Coolsculpting packages available and also offer an Ultimate Body Contouring package that includes Emsculpt – a treatment to help build and define abdominal muscles. Not only would you be a hero to give him this amazing gift, but you’d also be helping him look like one.



2. Hair Restoration

The cosmetic concern that, by far, brings the most men to Skin Technique, is thinning hair. We are the premium location in Vancouver for non-surgical hair restoration using PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. This is a component of your own blood that is rich in growth factors to help thicken and strengthen hair follicles while stimulating new hair growth. If the man in your life has thinning hair, a package of 3 PRP Hair Restoration treatments would certainly make you a hero in his eyes. The treatment is quick, and results are gradual. We also offer packages that include a futuristic laser cap that can be used at home twice a week to continue to stimulate the hair follicles. This would most likely be the most memorable gift he would ever get.



3. Miradry

Notice how his dress shirts are getting ruined by sweat stains? Miradry at Skin Technique is a permanent solution to excessive underarm sweat and body odour. This problem can be embarrassing and annoying. Men like gifts that are practical and solve problems. To offer a permanent solution would be an incredible and heroic gift for that special guy in your life.



4. Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal also made it in the top 3 cosmetic concern list for men. Whether it’s a hairy back, hairy chest or hairy you-know-what, men are getting more permanent hair removal than ever before. Some hair removal devices are tedious and painful. At Skin Technique we offer Forever Bare BBL – a comfortable and quick treatment to permanently remove hair. Just the fact that you’d be avoiding him unnecessary discomfort would make you a hero in his eyes, but this also would be a really original and thoughtful gift.



5. Botox

Guess what else is in the top 3 list for male cosmetic concerns? That’s right – wrinkles. While they may not be as open about it as women are, men are mostly bothered by forehead wrinkles and “crow’s feet” or wrinkles around the eyes. For the more progressive man in your life, the gift of anti-wrinkle injections like botox or xeomin would make for a very memorable gift. Considering that nothing else can eliminate wrinkles like botox can, this gift would make you a hero in his eyes (that no longer have wrinkles around them).



So there you go ladies and gents. The ultimate gift giving guide to make them jump for joy and solidify you as a total hero. Best of all these gifts can all be purchased in one place at a time that is convenient and not stressful. If you still need guidance on any of these items our friendly patient coordinators and clinical staff are happy to answer any of your questions. You could also visit our website at skintechnique.com detailed descriptions of all of our treatments.



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