Do these 4 procedures in your 40’s! (Since it takes a little work to look 30).


We’ve been hearing for years that 40 is the new 30. This may be true, but don’t think it doesn’t require a little effort! What’s wonderful is that aesthetic medicine has evolved so well that with cutting edge treatments and a delicate injector it is actually possible to look and feel better than ever in your 40’s.


It’s inevitable by 40 you’ve lost volume, are looking more tired than usual and noticing changes in skin texture. Here are treatments to try in your 40’s.


1. The MystLift™️

This is my version of a liquid face lift. I use different densities of small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler all over the face to turn back the clock and have you looking like the best version of you in your early 30’s without it being noticeable that filler has been injected. I often combine this with anti-wrinkle injections like Botox or Nuceiva to relax deep expression lines and lift the brow. This is the most impactful treatment for my patients in their 40’s with easy annual maintenance.



2. Chin and Jawline Sculpting

At this age patients start to notice sagging along the jawline and fullness under the chin. I especially see this in patients who have had children and men. Now is a good time to address stubborn pockets of fat under the chin with Belkyra or Coolsculpting and address loose skin that can cause jowls with Ultherapy. To define the jawline, I use robust hyaluronic acid fillers or Radiesse to project the chin and sculpt the jawline to give it structure and shape. It is incredible how anti-aging a structured jawline can be.



3. Halo Fractional Laser combined with Forever Young BBL

Skin texture and quality changes dramatically in our 40’s. Sun tans from our youth begin to surface as sunspots, adult acne happens to quite a few of us, redness from capillaries or rosacea starts to become a nuisance and little raised bumps begin to appear that weren’t there before. Halo skin resurfacing is your best once-a-year solution to stimulate fresh new cells, get rid of old damaged skin and stimulate collagen. Combining this with BBL will further reduce stubborn pigment for skin that glows and is even toned. It doesn’t get better than this combo for skin resurfacing with minimal downtime!



4. PRP Hair Restoration

Thinning hair is an easy extremely common complaint for both men and women in their 40’s. After we inject Platelet Rich Plasma, which is a component of your own blood, we expect to see a dramatic decrease in thinning hair, an increase in hair strength and hopefully an increase in hair density. It’s 100% natural and the safest treatment we offer.

4 treatments to consider in your 40’s. If you happen to be reading this and are in your 20’s and 30’s remember that everything you do now to protect and honour your skin will pay off in your 40’s!




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