“It” treatments for 2018

Top medical aesthetic treatments Dr Pavlou


2017 was a pivotal year for medical aesthetics as awareness of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures skyrocketed. Treatments that were once hush hush chatter amongst the wealthy elite are now everyday conversations.


I saw a dramatic rise in younger patients who are acting now to prevent rather than repair in the future. One of the “it” treatments for 2018 is definitely going to be “baby Botox.” This is where small amounts of Botox or Botox sprinkles are injected into the faces of younger patients to soften their expression lines. The effects are barely noticeable, but what these patients are realizing is that by maintaining these benign procedures they are also maintaining their youthfulness, rather than trying more invasive procedures later in life.


I predict that 2018 will show an even stronger demand for non-surgical procedures with dramatic results – think the Liquid Nose Job and Tear Trough correction. Within 10-15 minutes we have the ability to dramatically improve the contour of a bumpy nose, lift the nasal tip and refresh the under eye area to make it appear that you’ve had a good nights rest. We have the ability to create a chin and sculpt a jawline in the same time that it would take to order a vanilla latte.


Life is getting busier and patients are getting smarter about cosmetic procedures. While there are many devices out there that promise impressive results I predict that a greater awareness will occur in 2018 for effective treatments that are industry recognized and endorsed by authorities in the world of Aesthetic Medicine. For areas of stubborn fat I think coolsculpting will be the first choice for most informed patients. For fractional laser resurfacing I believe the demand is going to be for treatments such as the halo that are only necessary once a year, rather than multiple treatments, and with the least downtime. At Skin Technique we proudly offer both coolsculpting and halo.


Thanks to social media and the willingness of celebrities and other prominent people to share their treatments there are also procedures that are “trending” and will be very popular this year. The demand for PRP treatments or the “vampire facial” is higher than ever before. Patients are also seeing phenomenal results with hair restoration using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This procedure where PRP is applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth is currently the number one treatment my male patients are requesting. Female patients are also enjoying thicker hair due to this treatment.


Aesthetic Medicine is changing and growing every day. New techniques and procedures mean that as a patient and consumer you have to do your research and verify that your physician has received adequate training and remains up to date constantly. One trend that I hope to see DECLINE in 2018 is the inappropriate use of injectables like Botox and fillers by inexperienced or even unqualified practitioners who offer discounted services to the unassuming and vulnerable.


I wish all of you a very happy new year, and whether you choose to try out one of the “it” treatments of 2018 or stick to the routine you feel comfortable with, be assured that our one and only goal at Skin Technique is to Honour Your Beauty and help you achieve the best possible version of yourself.


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