In 2016 Americans spent more than $13.5 BILLION dollars towards cosmetic procedures. Even though only 10% of cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S last year were on male clients, the number of men partaking in cosmetic procedures has grown by 325% since 1997.

I repeat. 325%

As is evident in the mentioned statistics, the male cosmetic market is the fastest growing segment of the aesthetics industry. Men are spending more time and money on their appearance than ever before. This can be attributed to a number of factors – an increased acceptance of cosmetic procedures as an option for everyone from celebrities to the average Joe. The influence of social media is undeniable as well. All day we are scrolling and swiping away, constantly being faced with images of men with glowing skin, chiseled features, full hair and fit bodies. There is also a growing awareness of others who have done similar procedures with excellent results.

I have seen a significant increase in my male clientele over the past 2 years. Some will come in with their significant others who encourage them to have a procedure. Some will want a very discreet appointment with minimal correspondence before and after their treatment and, more than ever before, a lot of men know exactly what they want and are not embarrassed to ask for it.


Increasingly popular treatments performed on men at Skin Technique include:


Double Chin Treatment

Even fit men may have a genetic deposit of fat under their chin. It is very difficult to lose weight in this area of the body and a double chin can often make a fit person look heavier than they really are. Two newer procedures that we offer for this area is the CoolMini and Belkyra.

Coolsculpting is a procedure that destroys fat cells by freezing them. Until recently it was mainly used on abdomens and flanks, but a new applicator now allows us to apply it to the double chin. There is minimal bruising or pain, the area may appear red for a few hours and slightly swollen for a few days.

Belkyra is the latest treatment we have for a double chin. Deoxycholic acid, the substance your liver produces to aid in the break down of fat, has now been replicated in a lab and bottled. We can now directly inject this substance into the double chin with amazing results. The average man will need 2-4 treatments spaced 8 weeks apart. For really large double chins I have been debulking the fat with a treatment of CoolMini followed by a series of treatments with Belkyra.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Injectable neurotoxins like BOTOX and Xeomin are used to relax the muscles of expression, which then softens expression lines and often eliminates wrinkles. It helps improve a tired look, which a lot of men complain about, and also helps maintaining a fresh appearance in a very competitive youth driven work sector. Another very popular use amongst men is the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).  I have seen more men for BOTOX/Xeomin treatments this past year than the preceding 3 years COMBINED.



For men who already exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle it remains frustrating when stubborn areas of fat don’t improve. Coolsculpting is the number one performed non-surgical body contouring procedure in the world. Most men that come to Skin Technique for Coolsculpting complain of stubborn belly fat or “love handles”. The procedure is quicker than before. The new device, available at Skin Technique, cuts the procedure time down to only 35 minutes, with no discomfort or downtime whatsoever.


PRP Hair Restoration

Hair is a sensitive topic for many men. The options have traditionally been oral medication like Propecia, which can have sexual side effects, or an invasive procedure like a hair transplant.

We now have a treatment that can act as a buffer for men who aren’t sure if they want to undergo a surgical procedure or who don’t like the idea of having to take medication every day or applying medication to the scalp on a daily basis.

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is derived from your own blood, making it a 100% natural procedure. We are relying on the bodies own amazing regenerative properties to affect hair growth. By harvesting PRP from your blood sample and injecting it into the scalp using a variety of methods, the procedure helps thicken and strengthen hair and stimulate new hair growth. Monthly treatments are recommended for 3 months followed by maintenance treatments every 6-12 months. I have been stunned by the results we are seeing at Skin Technique every day, and this treatment has definitely brought in the most male patients over the last year.


Dermal Fillers 

The demand for fillers by men has certainly increased over the last few years. A defined jawline, for example, has always been something one could only attain through good genetics or invasive surgical procedures. Now, with products like Juvederm, Radiesse and Belotero we are creating defined jawlines, sculpted chins, rested under eyes, lifted cheeks and smoother noses in lunch time appointments. Men are even starting to have their lips injected to attain better facial symmetry. The approach to the male face is completely different than for the female face. By injecting the appropriate fillers to the correct areas of the face we can enhance the male appearance without feminizing it or changing it drastically.


Laser Treatments 

Laser Hair Removal has always been enjoyed by many men, but more men are requesting laser treatments to help treat sunspots, capillaries, redness and for overall rejuvenation. Our one of a kind fractional resurfacing treatment at Skin Technique called Halo is very popular for men who want one single treatment that will address a multitude of concerns with much less down time than older fractional treatments available.


Skin Care Products

Men are spending more time and money on skin care/grooming products than ever before. At Skin Technique we offer complimentary skin care consultations and I am very impressed with how much more knowledgeable my male patients have become when choosing skin care. Terms like “retinol” and “growth factors” are no longer foreign concepts and my male patients are really seeing the value in a good sunscreen for all those outdoor activities that can often leave the skin looking weathered, dry and wrinkled.


Man to man, I think we should be following the example of our female counterparts and take good care of ourselves. Most importantly we need to trust that our chosen physician understands male anatomy and connects with our male-specific goals of looking naturally refreshed and defined, but still like ourselves – a better version of ourselves. At Skin Technique, led by myself, Dr. Pavlou, we honour the male patient and his expectation to look and feel like his best self, at any age.



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