How to Have the Real Glow-Up at Any Age

How to Have the Real Glow-Up at Any Age

There is no right way to achieve a “glow-up” at any age. Some may focus on their physical appearance, trying out different trends and fads in fashion and beauty. Others may put more time and effort into their health or exercise. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine what they need to do to shine.

What Is A Glow-Up?

A glow-up is a term used to describe when someone has significantly improved their appearance, usually over a period of time. This could be through diet and exercise, cosmetic surgery, or simply learning to wear makeup correctly.

Changing Your Appearance

With advancements in modern aesthetic medicine, we can reduce visible signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, discoloration, laxity, and acne scarring.

Signs Of Aging Skin

Skin aging is an inevitable process that begins around 25, with some factors being heredity and lifestyle. Several factors result in visible signs of aging, such as long-term sun exposure, environmental toxins, and overall lifestyle. Though there is no fountain of youth, and everyone will age, things can be done to help reduce the signs of aging.

There are several factors that result in visible signs of aging such as long-term sun exposure, environmental toxins, and overall lifestyle.

With advancements in modern aesthetic medicine, we are able to reduce visible signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, discoloration, and laxity as well as acne scarring.

The HALO™ Fractional Resurfacing Laser

The HALO™ Fractional Resurfacing laser is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser and is the premier innovative approach to skin resurfacing. Patients treated with the HALO™ experience glowing, rejuvenated and healthier skin. 

The HALO™ also delivers these remarkable results in just one treatment, whereby older fractional resurfacing devices typically require 5-6 treatments with less downtime to provide similar results. 

The treatment is safe, comfortable (topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment), and patients can apply makeup the next day!

The HALO™ Difference

  • More comfortable than older skin resurfacing devices
  • Results within 1 week
  • Minimal down time – within 1-3 days
  • Results continue to improve over time

Combating some of the most common skin damage problems, the HALO uses lasers to activate the bodies healing and collagen-producing systems to ultimately create clearer, younger, healthier and glowing skin.

HALO™ Benefits

  • Treats the Signs of Aging
  • Improves the Appearance of Enlarged Pores
  • Corrects Discolouration and Sun Damage
  • Improves the Appearance of Fines Lines and Wrinkles
  • Improves Poor Texture
  • Improves the Appearance of Light Scars
  • Corrects Uneven Tone
  • Reduces the Appearance of Pigmented Lesions

Be Consistent With Your Skincare

There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to glowing skin. First, it all starts with good skincare. By taking the time to wash and moisturize your face every day, you can help keep your skin clear and healthy, naturally making you look more radiant and attractive. 

Additionally, if you’re new to skincare, it can be helpful to seek out products that work well for your specific skin type. For example, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, look for cleansers specially formulated to gently cleanse without leaving your face feeling stripped or irritated. 

When it comes to moisturizers for oily or acne-prone skin, look for formulas that are oil-free and non-comedogenic – these ingredients will prevent breakouts without clogging your pores.

Whiten Your Teeth

A white smile is seen as a sign of good health and beauty, which is why so many people strive to achieve one. There are many benefits to having a white smile beyond just looking good in photos. People with white teeth tend to be perceived as more successful, trustworthy, and attractive. 

In addition, smiling boosts your mood and increases your overall sense of well-being. So if you’re looking to improve your appearance and self-confidence, a great place to start is with your smile. By taking steps to whiten your teeth, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult and stressful, but the benefits are well worth it. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more exercise, or become a happier and healthier version of yourself, making an effort to make positive changes in your life can lead to dramatic results. 

By focusing on setting measurable and achievable goals, creating a supportive community of friends and family members, and adopting positive mindsets and attitudes, you can take your life to the next level and truly “glow up.”

Drink Water

To have healthy, radiant skin, it is essential to drink plenty of water every day. This is because our skin is made up primarily of water, and it needs constant hydration to perform its various functions effectively. By staying well-hydrated, we can ensure that our skin remains supple and resilient, helping us to look and feel our best. Additionally, drinking water helps flush toxins out of the body, keeping our complexion clear and blemish-free.

Eat Healthily

A fit and healthy body does not come in a day or two. It is the result of continuous hard work, dedication, and determination. Apart from working out, what we also eat significantly impacts how we look. Eating healthy is not about dieting or starving yourself; it is about making the right food choices that give your body the nutrients to function properly. When you eat healthily, you improve your physical appearance and overall health. 

Exercise Regularly

You don’t have to be a gym rat to know that exercise is good for you. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects. In addition, regular exercise can help to improve your skin health by increasing blood flow and promoting cell turnover. Exercise can also help reduce cellulite’s appearance by strengthening the connective tissue that supports your skin. And finally, if you’re looking to lose weight, exercise is an essential component of any healthy weight loss plan. 

How To Glow Up Mentally

Just like you care for your physical appearance by eating healthy, working out and taking care of your skin, self-care for your mental health is just as important. A quick Google search of the term ‘glow up’ will show you that most results are dedicated to physical transformations. However, a few results are devoted to mental health and how to take care of yourself mentally.

Set Goals

One of the most important things we can do in our lives is set goals. Whether these goals are big or small, motivating or challenging, they help us focus on what we want to achieve and stay motivated in our pursuit of those accomplishments.

Detox Your Social Media

We can sometimes get sucked in by the constant stream of updates, images, and links. We may spend hours scrolling mindlessly through our feeds or comparing ourselves to others online. To break this cycle and reclaim control over our digital lives, it is important to take a step back and detox from social media

This means uninstalling apps from our phones, disabling push notifications, and taking regular breaks from our accounts. By focusing on the present moment and making mindful decisions about what we engage with online, we can gain new perspectives on technology and rediscover the value of real-world connections. 


As our lives become more and more hectic, it can be challenging to find time to relax and unwind. However, taking even a few minutes for meditation can profoundly impact our mental and physical well-being. Meditation enables us to focus our attention and connect with our inner thoughts and feelings. As we quiet the chatter of our minds, we can gain clarity and peace of mind. In addition, meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost cognitive function.

Prioritize Sleep

When it comes to our health, sleep is one of the most important factors. It gives our bodies time to rest and restore themselves, but it also affects nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, from our mood and mental clarity to productivity and performance. Therefore, prioritizing sleep should be a top priority for everyone.

So, if YOU want to look like the best version of yourself with fresh, healthy and overall glowing skin, book your annual Spring cleaning for your skin — the award-winning HALO for the ultimate glow-up!


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