Lis, Medical Aesthetician

About Lis

I’m originally from Brazil and have been living in Vancouver for almost 7 years now. I
have a bachelor’s degree in interior design as well as a certificate in Marketing
Management at BCIT but my true passion is medical aesthetics.

I am a certified as a Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician and have vast experience
with majority of lasers and other energy devices in the market.

I love helping people to achieve their skin and body goals. It is amazing to see my
patients happy by the end of a procedure and satisfied with the service I’ve provided for
them. I feel completely fulfilled and immensely grateful.

My favourite treatment is hands down CoolSculpting. Although I love treating skin, it is
magical and very transformative what CoolSculpting can do. It is really a form of art –
sculpting patients’ bodies and boosting their self-confidence.

Let’s not forget about skin care, my true passion, especially when combining with in
clinic treatments. Without question successful results require using medical grade skin

Skin Technique