5 Cosmetic Treatment Myths I Want You To Stop Believing

5 Cosmetic treatment myths I want you to stop believing

Myth 1: Lip fillers will give you duck lips.

People will often remember the worst case of lip fillers they’ve ever seen and assume that if you get lip fillers you will look like a duck. The truth is that when you choose an injector who you trust and that can show you examples of many lips they have treated, you will realize that the most beautiful lip enhancements are actually undetectable.


Myth 2: When you stop Botox your wrinkles get worse.

When you stop Botox your wrinkles come back! You also have to remember that if you’ve been doing Botox for many years you’ve still been aging. If your wrinkles look different after stopping Botox it’s because of the aging process, not because of the Botox.



Myth 3: Your friend didn’t bruise so you won’t.

You cannot compare your recovery process or your results to those of others. Everyone’s anatomy is different and we all have our own unique predispositions to bruising and swelling and healing.



Myth 4: The Nonsurgical Nose Job will make your nose smaller.

I often get asked to turn a larger, bulbous nose into something “small and cute” which is just not possible. Fillers work beautifully to camouflage a bump on the nose or lift a droopy tip. But if you’re seeking significant refinement you should consider a surgical solution.


Myth 5: Your results didn’t last.

When it comes to injectable procedures you have to have realistic expectations for longevity. I still see patients who say their botox “only lasted 3.5 months” – this is normal! Neurotoxins like botox, xeomin and nuceiva will last an average of 3-4 months, 5 if you’re very very lucky. Filler longevity will range from 6 months to 18 months depending on the amount used and the area injected. So have a good chat with your injector in order to have realistic expectations of your treatment.



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