Botox for a Slimmer Jawline

  500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci commented that the facial shape was the most important determinant of youthful attractiveness when drawing facial portraits. One of the many effective uses…

Botox Bro?

  Men are spending more time and money on their appearance than ever before. In fact, men’s grooming products are one of the industry’s fastest growing segments, rising by an…

PRP therapy – the fountain of youth?

Famously known as the vampire facelift, this technique is called Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP because it uses the patients own blood. This procedure is unique because your own natural…

Botox & Fillers – What’s What?

  “Do I need botox or fillers? I’m not sure what the difference is.” This is a question I still get asked on a daily basis by first time clients.…
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