Don’t get lippy


“I don’t want to look like one of those women…..”


This is one of the most common opening statements I hear from patients. This is ironic since one of the most sought after treatments I get requested to perform is the lip enhancement. Yet, despite the desire to have fuller lips, which is shared by a lot of women, so many still seem to have this misconception that having a lip augmentation automatically implies that results will be fake or unnatural. Sadly, I think a lot of these misconceptions reflects the unfair judgement by people of anyone who chooses to alter the way they look – whether it be with make-up, injectable procedures or cosmetic surgery. To appreciate the capacity for lovely changes with well done cosmetic procedures, we have to let go of our judgement of others who have chosen to make changes to their appearance in the way that they have chosen. Instead of starting a consultation saying how you don’t want to look like one of those women, how about starting by saying how you would like to enhance your appearance?

I thoroughly enjoy performing lip augmentations. As an aesthetic physician I am especially appreciative of the anatomy of the lips, and how augmenting certain areas results in lips that are not only in better balance with the rest of the face but also add an appeal to the face in a way that a lot of other treatments simply cannot do. It isn’t as simple as getting your lips filled until they look bigger, but rather using fillers to shape, define and contour the lips, sometimes without even making them look bigger, just better.




Since most patients start the consultation stating who or what they don’t want to look like (ducks, fish etc) I usually reassure them that if their desired look is natural and subtle the last thing any responsible physician would want to do is give them the opposite, especially since every patient I treat is a reflection of my work. The most commonly asked questions are usually pain related. I use a very potent topical numbing cream which makes the procedure very comfortable. No needles are used for the numbing process. Within a few minutes the lips are numb and ready to be treated.

I use fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid, the naturally occurring substance that gives our lips and skin that youthful fullness, which is also infused with lidocaine, a numbing agent that makes the procedure even more comfortable. Currently my favourite fillers for lip enhancements are Belotero Intense, Juvederm Volift and Emervel Lips. I particularly like Juvederm Volift when trying to achieve fuller lips that are still soft looking. I will usually use Juvederm Volift on a first time client who, despite my reassurance, still has concerns of looking unnatural after the procedure. When the requested outcome is a more prominent pout, or fuller lips on a patient with very thin lips, I am always happy with the results I get with Belotero Intense. It is normal to expect some swelling immediately after the procedure, but also the next day. Swelling goes down within 1-3 days. Another common occurrence is mild bruising, which can be minimized with ice, and covered with make-up. Results are usually fully appreciated around the two week mark.

Results can last anywhere from 2-6 months depending on the amount of filler used, but with regular touch ups the results can be stretched for 9-12 months. The transformation from genetically thin or unbalanced lips to fuller, sexier lips that are in balance with the rest of the face is a source of professional satisfaction for me but, most importantly, a source of happiness and confidence for my patients.

Maybe, in time, with well done treatments and well researched procedures, more women will feel comfortable and confident getting their lips enhanced, so that those that are still on the fence will come and see me, and start the consultation saying “I would love to look like one of those women…”


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