Get Noticed (for all the right reasons)

I still chuckle every day when a client asks me for a treatment that will be completely natural and that no one will recognize. No one must notice, there can be no evidence of a treatment and, above all, they don’t want to look like a different person.


I chuckle because visiting a cosmetic doctor implies that there will be some kind of enhancement procedure performed. And if some kind of enhancement procedure is performed one is surely to look, well, enhanced. And part of being treated is that, hopefully, people will notice. I think what my patients are trying to say to me is that they DO want to be noticed but they DON’T want people to necessarily know why it is that their appearance seems improved, rested and rejuvenated. (#wokeuplikethis)


I love the phrase coined by Allergan – the company that brings you Botox and Juvederm: “Everyone will notice but no one will know.”


There are a number of treatments that I perform that do just that. Treatments that restore facial balance, correct slight volume loss and asymmetries. Treatments that can leave a person looking like a better version of themselves, without appearing enhanced or altered. After all that is my ultimate goal and sincerest philosophy in my practice – to honour the natural beauty that exists in all of us. It is a true dedication to the art of medical aesthetics that yields results where it is difficult to determine why someone looks better than they did before.


What amazes me each day is how subtly treating one area of the face improves another area, simply because proportions have been improved. When I administer a subtle amount of filler to volume depleted lips I am always amazed by how the eyes are all of a sudden accentuated. I am so lucky to have these eureka moments every day at work. I discover every day how the correction of one area leads to the appreciation of the beauty of the whole face.


Some of my favourite treatments that create a softer, natural beauty without being obvious to anyone include:



The Liquid Nose Job. 

The Liquid Nose Job is a perfect example of how correcting a minor issue can improve the appearance of the whole face. Small bump deformities, or a droopy nasal tip can lead to an unbalanced side profile. A flat nasal bridge can make the face appear two dimensional and obscure attractive features.  In just a few minutes what was once only achievable through surgery is now possible with injectables. People would definitely notice the absence, bruising and swelling associated with surgery, but not with this relatively quick and painless office procedure. This is one of my personal favourite treatments to perform.


The Chin Enhancement. 


Unfortunately this area of the face is often overlooked. Plump cheeks and smooth nasolabial folds are pointless if the lower face doesn’t serve as a strong frame for the rest of the face. I really love this procedure because it is almost impossible to tell when someone has had his or her chin enhanced, yet the entire face appears more attractive and proportioned.


The Under-eye correction. 


I like to call this the “anti-fatigue treatment.” Having sunken under eyes can occur at any age. Factors like genetics, lifestyle and diet all play a role in contributing to this cosmetic concern. When strategically placed filler is injected in and around the tear trough area, the face immediately appears brighter and rested. However the results are very natural as the only thing we’ve done is replaced volume where it should have been or where it once was. There are not many treatments that provide this rested, “back from vacation” result as well as this one.


The Soft Lift. 

Soft lift procedure by Dr. Pavlou


The soft lift is the ultimate treatment to restore a youthful, rested and rejuvenated appearance. The secret to a good soft lift is using a combination of injectables like Botox and filler all over the face in small quantities rather than focussing on one area. Women in particular benefit immensely from this procedure starting in their early 40’s when the production of collagen starts to slow down. I recommend a soft lift every 18-24 months to not only maintain results but also remain ever lovely without raising suspicion.


The Cheek Lift. 

Cheek Lift by Dr. Pavlou


I consider the cheeks to be the scaffolding of the face. When we are trying to address multiple concerns such as sagging skin, deepening nasolabial folds, marionette lines and even under eye hollows, the single most effective treatment to address all these concerns without appearing injected is the lateral cheek lift. Every woman looks lovely with a slight cheekbone pop. Men also benefit from this procedure, although a different technique is used.


The Glow Peel.



The Glow peel by Alumier is a fan favourite at Skin Technique. Depending on the depth of the peel there is no down time and the skin appears refreshed, renewed and literally glowing, with no down time or discomfort.


The Dermasweep. 

Photo courtesy of Sanjay Grover, MD


Imagine having a gentle microdermabrasion followed by a skin infusion of vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors? Zero down time, lovely results.

This procedure can be done before special events and is really popular with brides to be.


Medical Grade Skin Care.[/vc_column_text]

Your skin care routine at home is just as important as the treatments you choose to receive. Medical grade skin care products with scientifically researched and proven ingredients are essential to maintain a healthy complexion, prevent sun damage and reverse signs of aging. We take great pride in offering the top 3 medical grade skin care lines at Skin Technique. Also, it is far easier to “blame” your beautiful results from injectables on excellent skin care products. wink wink

I am reminded every day that we are really all unique. Some patients request dramatic transformations – and that’s ok. But there is such a mysterious allure in looking better for no obvious reason. It is an honour for me to keep learning and applying new techniques and improving this skill. For me, beauty isn’t something you see, its something you feel, and I aspire to give my patients the gift of beauty without giving them away, every day.


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