Top 5 Botox Fears (and why you have nothing to fear).

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a cosmetic procedure is fear. Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. However, a lot of fear is based on misinformation and the wrong assumptions. Almost every patient coming to see me for an anti-wrinkle procedure will request that it looks very natural and not “weird” or ‘frozen”. Can we all please just agree that we are on the same page? As an aesthetic physician, every patient I treat is a walking advertisement for botox in Vancouver. So why in the world would I want anyone to look weirdly frozen?!

I have found that there are 5 common fears that may prevent many patients interested in an anti-wrinkle procedure from getting it done:


1. “It won’t look natural”.

I would say this is the biggest fear amongst my patients. It is actually quite understandable, given the number of frozen faces that we often see on television and in memes and Instagram posts mocking this appearance. The truth is, that it’s not the fault of botox. It’s the injectors who are to blame. If you are unable to calculate a dosage of botox that delivers a natural result and maintains (reduced) facial expression, you should probably not be injecting botox. The point of a thorough consultation is to discuss your aesthetic goals, and if you express a desire to look as natural as possible, this can and should be honoured by your physician/nurse.


2. “Scared of side-effects”.

Side-effects are a common concern for any procedure or drug/medication. The side-effects from an anti-wrinkle procedure are usually very minimal and related to the injection rather than the drug administered. Injection site redness, tiny bumps or bruises may occur. More serious side-effects like brow/eyelid droop or asymmetry are usually related to the technique and placement rather than the actual product itself. There are many options for getting botox treatments in Vancouver, so do your research and make sure you chose an injector that is experienced, skilled and can manage complications in the rare case that they occur. However, considering that over SEVEN MILLION botox procedures were performed in the US last year alone, it is safe to say that there are probably more side effects from taking Tylenol than getting botox.


3. “I don’t need it yet”.

Go stand in front of a mirror. Raise your brows as hard as you can. See any lines? Frown as hard as you can. See any lines? Smile with all your might. See any crows-feet? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you could probably benefit from anti-wrinkle injections. Not a single person “needs” an elective cosmetic procedure. But if you think you wouldn’t benefit from one you may be wrong. “Baby-botox” is so popular right now because patients are focussed on preventing issues rather than treating them more aggressively and invasively later on.


4. “I Don’t want to have to maintain it”.

This one doesn’t really resonate with me, to be completely truthful. Almost every patient I see now has some kind of eyelash/eyebrow situation that requires maintenance. Just about everyone has very intricate nails with impressive decorative features that require maintenance. As a guy, I have to get my haircut every 2 weeks. Maintenance only seems to be an issue when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Here you have a safe, reliable and effective procedure with predictable results and maintenance is an issue? No other treatment exists that will take care of fine lines and wrinkles like botox can, and that’s a fact.


5. “I don’t want to be perceived as vain”.

Vanity implies something negative and narcissistic. Yet we all have the desire to want to look and feel good. You could call this self-love, you could call it vanity. It really doesn’t matter. I think judging and criticizing someone for taking care of themselves is a far worse character flaw than self-love. Vanity is an attitude and give off a vibe of self-importance. But living your best life, taking care of your skin and body while being humble and spreading kindness can never, ever be perceived as being vain.

Hopefully you now have 5 reasons not to be scared. Fears are easily overcome when you are well informed and when your health, safety and best interests are at the heart of any procedure. There are many ways to Honour Your Beauty and, trust me, a few units of botox every now and then is a safe and reliable way to do just that.


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